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The Top 10 Surprising Features In The New Space Station

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10) Primo Extra Closet Space.

9) Engines that can automatically start with The Clapper.

8) Every hour on the hour, the station radio station plays "Major Tom" by David Bowie.

7) Tang comes out of the faucets..already mixed!!!

6) 1st Month's rent free...no, that's the best features of the Apartments down the street...nevermind!

5) Every window lets you check out the three breasted Martian babes by the pool.

4) Moonwalking class taught by real astronauts and not Michael Jackson.

3) Every room comes with a free video copy of the new "My Favorite Martian" (Writer's note...Gee BPATT, that movie isn't out in the theatre yet..how can be it on video so fast??? Two words: No plot.)

2) No high tech alarm clock...just Chewbacca yelping like he always does!

1) Ability to transport Baywatch babes back to the station with the push of a button!

Thanks to BPATT for the list

Submitted: Thu Feb 11 2:33:57 1999
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