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The Top 10 Signs That You're Grandparents Are Still, Um..You Know.."Acitve"

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10) Grandpa has mentioned more than one time the pain that denture burn gives his crotch area.

9) You find Edible Depends in their closet.

8) Those things that look Pistachios in Grandma's cookies...that's Viagra.

7) They have put teeth and all other sexual toys in one glass.

6) Grandma is Anna Nicole Smith.

5) You hear the bed and joints squeak regularly.

4) The phrase "Put Me To Work, FDR" comes out of their room late at night.

3) You've just seen the photos in the "Beaver Hunt" section of Hustler.

2) Grandma, on more than one occasion has clapped and Grandpa's pants have fallen down.

1) The setting on the Kraftmatic Adjustable Bed...Doggie Style!!!

Thanks to Joshua for the Topic and Joshua/BPatt for the list

Submitted: Thu Feb 11 2:22:38 1999
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