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The Top 10 Insults That Don't Include Profanity

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10) "You Hanson Lover."

9) "Dumber than that Jack Frost movie."

8) "I'd rather watch Barney for 24 hours straight than spend 5 minutes with you."

7) "Carpet..more importantly, Berber carpet, is smarter than you cause you can pick up anything from it."

6) "Bite me Amadeus."

5) "Soap dish residue is brighter than you are."

4) "You're as easy as a Spice Girl in heat."

3) "You're so ugly that even Clinton wouldn't sleep with you."

2) "Size matters, stubby."

1) "In bed, you're colder than a bunch of Eskimo nudists in the dead of winter."

Thanks to BPATT for the list

Submitted: Thu Feb 11 2:15:27 1999
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