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The Top 10 NBA Player Demands

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Writer's Note: Before you e-mail with friendly and not so friendly reminders that the NBA strike is over, please take into consideration that this list was originally written back in October when the strike was going on. Then, I went on strike and all hell broke loose and no lists were done but I, too have reconciled and will now start receiving "Buy One, Get One Free" coupons as payment. Its a start...

10) No more receiving NRA mail by mistake.

9) More bitches, less hos.

8) Personal, not team, cheerleaders.

7) Better pension plan.

6) No matter how popular it might be, NSync can not sing the national anthem at any games...ever.

5) Marv Albert is not allowed any locker rooms...ever.

4) If one of us gets to choke the coach, we all get to choke the coach.

3) Each team gets two,not one, token white guys.

2) Beating the s*** out of Dennis Rodman for making that movie with Jean Claude Van Damme is not a fragrant foul.

1) Madonna is the offical league groupie.

Thanks to BPATT for the list

Submitted: Thu Feb 11 1:59:19 1999
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