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The Top 10 Reasons You Would NOT Want To Be A Teenager in Ancient Egypt

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Writer's note: As the Top 10 List Writer that CARES about America's youth, I can only hope that this list, submitted as a request for assistance with a homework assignment, will get our lucky student an A, a date to the prom and maybe, just maybe a funny look from the teacher. If it doesn't, oh well kid, you'll end up JUST LIKE ME!!! BWAHAHAHAHA

10) Your allowance of goat's milk didn't really amount to much when you tried to barter with someone.

9) Tut, "The Boy King" always blamed you for any of his mishaps.

8) Ever try to write a term paper in hieroglyphics?

7) An Oasis, unlike a mall, had only one product, water so it kind of sucked to hang out there.

6) Had to be 18 before you could get a license to drive a camel.

5) All the local bands played the same damn song, "Walk Like An Egyptian".

You KNEW I'd Use That Somewhere in the list so just GET OVER IT AND GO ON DOWN THE LIST!!

4) The stone tablet delivery route was very overrated.

3) Being "grounded" meant having to stand in the part of the Nile where the piranahas were.

2) You always had to "build the stupid pyramids" while your friends got to play all day.

1) The line "Oh My God, You Killed Ramses...You Bastard" didn't really go over that well and wasn't found to be funny.

Thanks to Mr1Peabody for the Topic and BPATT/Sherman for the list

Submitted: Thu Sep 24 22:26:42 1998
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