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The Top 10 Signs Your Coach is Nuts, Part II

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10) He regulary urinates on the umpire to get ejected.

9) Tattoos the teams' Win/Loss Record on his ass.

8) Caught snorting the Rosin Bag that pitchers use.

7) He actually knows what the heck the Montreal Expos are named for.

6) Conducts team physicals by standing behind you like the Quarterback does the center.

5) Puts live crocodiles in the water to make you swim faster.

4) Occasionally will streak in the middle of the game just to distract the opponent.

3) Calls plays based on how successful they are on Sony Playstation.

2) When the team takes a shot, so does he.

1) Likes to just tackle random strangers on the street.

Thanks to BPatt for the list

Submitted: Fri Sep 11 20:18:03 1998
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