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The Top 10 Reasons That Billy Joel and Elton John Should Not Tour Together

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10) Elton was always coming up in drag during "Uptown Girl" part of the show.

9) Nightly argument over who the real Piano Man was.

8) Possibility of confusion over who got what in the joint Viagra/Biagra shipment.

7) Too many guest appearance possibilities by RuPaul.

6) Too many times, Elton kept whispering "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" to the roadies.

5) Too much money being spent on cleaning lipstick off of the piano keys before Billy performed.

4) Caught Elton writing another Candle In The Wind version.... about him!

3) Costume changes were getting annoying.

2) Audience might get confused and start singing.."Cause we're living here in Eltontown!"

1) Isn't it obvious...VH1 would lose 90% of its viewers on those tour nights!

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Submitted: Fri Sep 11 19:38:17 1998
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