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The Top 10 Things Kids Don't Think Their Parents Do

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10) Sing along with that catchy Spice Girls tune as they leave the Skating Rink parking lot after dropping you off.

9) Flush the toilet on purpose to get you out of the shower.

8) Hit on their kid's teachers to insure an "A" in the class.

7) Go "park" and slip each other some tongue.

6) Leave just enough gas in the car so that the child HAS to fill up.

5) Spy on them saying goodnight to their dates on the front porch.

4) Plot the "untimely" death of the family pet that only the child loves.

3) Watch "South Park" after the kids go to bed.

2) Order tapes from those 70's Preservation Society Commercials.

1) Gamble their kids college tuition in Vegas!

Thanks to Ann for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Fri Sep 11 19:26:11 1998
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