The Top 10 Reasons Why Incest Is Best

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I have no first hand knowledge of this topic and anyone who makes the argument that I do because of the fact that I Live in Tennessee can kiss my first cousin's ass!!

10) You get a bigger allowance than most kids.

9) There's always a lacy nightie in the stocking at Christmas.

8) If your date with the outside world ends early, you can always wake up your sister.

7) There's nothing better than playing catch with Dad and then showering up with Mom.

6) A family vacation and a romantic getaway are now the same thing.

5) Kama Sutra book is way cheaper than a Nintendo 64.

4) Decent chance that Aerosmith will ask you to star in their video about the topic.

3) Mom still looks like Pamela Anderson.

2) Mom waiting up for you to come home takes on a whole new meaning!

1) As does the phrase "Just wait till your father gets home!"

Thanks to Krill Stuffy for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Fri Sep 11 19:21:18 1998

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