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The Top 10 Possible Replacements For Ginger Spice

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The master plan is slowly working!!! First one leaves, now two others are pregnant and probably can't tour and record. That just leaves the Baby one for me and me alone!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAH

10) Paula Cole--Hairy Spice.

9) Leeann Rimes--Not Yet Legal Spice.

8) Roseanne---Constantly Crampy Spice.

7) Alanis Morisette---Psycho Spice.

6) Wilson Phillips---Sexy, Foxy and Jumbo Spice.

5) Tiffany---One Hit Wonder Spice.

4) Janet Reno---WHAT THE HELL IS THAT Spice.

3) Monica Lewinsky---Slurpy Spice (Thanks to Mr Bane for that one)

2) Pamela Anderson--Skanky Spice.

1) Boy George---Backstage Surprise Spice.

Thanks to Mr.Bane for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Fri Sep 11 18:53:57 1998

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