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The Top 10 Greatest Books Of All Time About Fish

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Writer's note: Fish is the website designer and while he doesn't pay me, he's pretty cool and when I saw the Top 100 books of all time in the paper recently, I thought "Man, there were no books about Fish on that damn list." So...

10) Men Are From Mars, Women Are After Fish.

9) The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Fish.

8) Don't Sweat The Small Fish.

7) The Fishes of Madison County.

6) The Fishmaker(by John Fisham).

5) Where's Waldo and What The Hell As He Done WIth Fish?

4) Dick and Jane and Their Drunken Night On The Town With Fish.

3) How To Marry The Right Fish.

2) All I Ever Need To Know, I Learned From Fish in Kindergarden.

(Writer's Note...if you can't figure it out...I'm kissing up to try and get paid someday! Sshhh, don't tell!)

1) The Joy of Sex..With Fish!!

Thanks to Letterman for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Wed Aug 5 0:51:47 1998
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