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The Top 10 Reasons Why Not To Make A Top 10 List

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10) Duh!!! You only have 9 answers!

9) There's always a reason to make a Top 10 List. Why, back in my day, we did lists every chance we got because we had nothing better to do and that's why I'm gonna do a list right now DAGNABIT..Oooh, Matlock's on.

8) No alcohol available to create cheap buzz needed to write these damn things.

7) Trying to learn the 3 chords that the metal bands of the 80's used.

6) For the last F***in' time, there is NOT 10 Things I Like About Hanson!!!

5) Collection of famous stripper's G-Strings take higher priority.

4) Been playing Milton Bradley Board Games non-stop.

3) Too busy enjoying those wacky yet tasty Gorditas!

2) Three words: NOT GETTING PAID! (Writer's note: And you thought the delay in posting lists was due to some server issue or that the website designer had some major health issue. HAH...I was on strike baby and while I didn't get the raise I wanted, I do get to use the blowup secretary once a month. Talk about benefits!)

1) Cause being a Spice Girls Groupie In Training is a Full-Time Job!

Thanks To Krill Stuff for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Wed Aug 5 0:41:05 1998
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