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The Top 10 Things Not To Say To a Cop When Trying To Avoid A Speeding Ticket

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10) "Hey fat boy, I just left your house."

9) "Wanna beer?"

8) "While you're here, is someone else staking out the Donut SHop?"

7) " No Tubby, I don't know how fast I was going. You're the one with the damn radar!"

6) "Which is more expensive...a speeding ticket or possession of a trunk full of weed?"

5) "Why don't you go home and beat your nightstick!"

4) "Didn't know a police uniform could stretch that much."

3) "Does this meet your Quota or will this mindless speed trap continue?"

2) "Damn, your wife sure is lonely!"

1) "Weren't you Ponch on CHIPS?"

Thanks to BRB121 for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Wed Aug 5 0:32:08 1998
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