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The Top 10 Reasons That Pyromania Rules

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10) You're constantly Fired Up!

9) Hell of a way to dump someone.

8) You're able to grill faster than must gas grills.

7) Religious right always needing someone for book and album burnings.

6) You can roast marshmallows anywhere, anytime.

5) Because its a great album. I mean Photograph and Rock of Ages just rule and this album the drummer has both arms and..AH SCREW IT YOU GET THE DAMN REFERENCE!!

4) Brings whole new meaning to "He's a Flamer" comment.

3) Cremation is becoming a much more popular means of disposal.

2) Always asked to serve as a backup to light the Olympic Flame.

1) Well, you're always a match for someone.

Thanks to Krill Stuffy for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Wed Aug 5 0:26:56 1998
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