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The Top 10 Signs That ITs Time To Neuter Your Dog

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10) Lots of heavy panting and barking messages left on your answering machine.

9) Has his own robe and pipe just like Hefner.

8) You didn't know that Milk Bone made a Viagra supplement.

7) Quite frankly, his begging and pickup lines are better than yours.

6) This is the 3rd time you have had to buy a Inflata Lassie.

5) The last time he saw your leg, he dislocated your kneecap.

4) Credit Card bill has huge debt to Canine Companions 1-900 number.

3) Cost of Doggie Condoms is half your paycheck.

2) You keep finding your Barry White CD in his doghouse.

1) I don't know..how about the 250 frigging puppies in the basement?!?!

Thanks to BPATT for the list

Submitted: Wed Aug 5 0:20:03 1998
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