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The Top 10 Reasons That President Clinton Should Be Re-Elected

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Writer's note: Before you bombard the Top10 Boy with E-mail that Clinton can't run again b/c of the two terms limit, I want you to know that I know that. This is strictly a hypothetical situation...much like me actually getting mail.

10) Al Gore not completely thawed out yet.

9) Really liked hearing that Fleetwood Mac "Dont Stop" song.

8) Chelsea hasn't finished blossoming into a major babe yet.

7) He's slept with only HALF the Interns.

6) Truthfully, he'd be the best,visible candidate for Viagra.

5) Due to the limited growth of technology, 3rd world countries haven't been able to make fun of him yet.

4) Congress is putting finishing touches on that "Don't Ask, Don't Touch" policy.

3) Still hadn't done that Pamela Anderson in the Lincoln Bedroom video.

2) Between him and Quayle, comedians will stay employed for the next 4 years.

1) Just to see Hillary go off on his ass on the Jerry Springer show broadcast from the White House!

Thanks to Mr Bane for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Wed Aug 5 0:00:38 1998
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