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The Top 10 Uses For The Mitchell Corn Palace

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Writer's note: This is some place in South Dakota that evidently exists as a tribute to Corn. That's right...Corn. Which makes the TOP 10 Boy think...if you set it on fire, would you be charged with arson but released for trying to feed the homeless an endless supply of popcorn?

10) Starting point for The New Kids on The Block Reunion Tour.

9) The perfect set for the movie "Children of the Corn 4...Lethal Graduation."

8) Wrestlemania 15.

7) Orville Redenbacher's Family Reunion.

6) Its the finest place in all the land to buy your porn. They have movies, toys and wait...That's the Mitchell Porn Palace...My BAD!

5) First ever Native American Seminar entitled Corn: "We call it Maize and we have no idea why it can't be digested and always shows up in your shit."

4) Perfect Site for Ultimate Nude Midget Lesbian Fighting.

3) Perfect Place for the Corn Farmers and Oyster Preparers Convention (a.k.a Awe Shucks).

2) Site for the Jerry SPringer show topic: People Who Use Corn Cobs to Satisfy Themselves And The People That Love Them!

1) What else but Dick Clark's Popping New Year's Eve!!

Thanks to Joshua for the topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Tue Aug 4 23:45:28 1998
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