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The Top 10 Signs That The Entire Walton Family on the TV Show "The Waltons" Was Gay

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Writer's note: I grew up on this show and found it a warm piece of Americana. However, this just proves that I'll do a list for any topic. Rest in peace Grandpa Walton...

10) The Horse Drawn Buggy had a pink triangle bumper sticker on it.

9) At Thanksgiving, they always encouraged guests to pass the "Alternative Bread" instead of saying the word Fruitcake.

8) Well, John Boy did spend a lot of time alone.

7) During the Dinner Prayer, the handholding got a little risque.

6) The Good Nights at the end of the show always mentioned "Ellen" "K.D" and "Melissa" but we never saw them on the show.

5) The Trading Post had the first "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

4) Pa always plowed the fields wearing a pink bandanna.

3) Numerous guest appearances by Richard Simmons.

2) After each one left for school, there were very strict orders to "Study Hard and don't act willy-nilly around those other kids."

1) Well, the dance numbers always went very well.

Thanks to Joshua U for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Fri Mar 27 22:56:19 1998
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