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The Top 10 Differences Between Geeks and Nerds

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Writer's note: This issue has been bouncing around unsettled since the beginning of time. Leave it to Mikey and the great BPATT to clear it up for all of you.

10) GEEKS snicker and blush at dirty jokes; NERDS laugh uncontrollably for hours.

9) GEEKS will fit only in full size gym lockers; NERDS fit in all gym lockers.

8) GEEKS wear bowling shoes as their regular shoes; NERDS wear bowling shoes with plaid shorts.

7) GEEKS occasionly get lucky and get to pass their phone number to someone at a bar; NERDS will only pass their URL at a bar.

6) GEEKS get a perfect score on the SAT; NERDS write the damn SAT.

5) GEEKS see "Urkel" as their hero; NERDS watch all of the "Revenge of the Nerds" movies(Yes, even Revenge #5) for their inspiration.

4) GEEKS socialize with DWEEBS; NERDS socialize with DORKS

3) GEEKS will snort when they laugh; NERDS will snort but add a very high pitched nasal wheeze(see Horshack on the Welcome Back Kotter series on Nickelodeon)to their performance.

2) GEEKS set their phasers on stun; NERDS set theirs on Kill cause you never know when those nasty Klingons may appear.

1) Isn't it obvious...GEEKS read Top 10 lists; NERDS write Top 10 Lists.

Thanks to Mikey for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Fri Mar 27 22:28:15 1998
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