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The Top 10 Signs That People Who Write Top 10 Lists Are Stupid

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Writer's note: For some reason, I've been receiving more topic requests that bash me and the challenging job that I have here at The Funny Bone. While I can answer any topic request, just once I'd like to see a request for the Top 10 Cool Things About Top 10 Lists, or The Top 10 Reasons I Want The Top 10 Stud To Father My Child or something positive. C'mon folks...I bash Hanson and the Spice Girls a lot..WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?! Anyway,here's the list.

10) On all Scholastic Aptitude Tests, we stop after question 10.

9) Most smart kids use the slang "Whatever"; we're still using the phrase "No Doy".

8) Still getting out of the tub before we pull the drain plug out of fear of getting sucked down the drain.

7) Still getting Amy Grant and Hugh Grant confused.

6) Never can remember if its juices you pop open and beer that you shake well before opening or vice versa.

5) Never got past the number 10 in counting drills because no one taught us that we could count on our toes as well.

4) Don't know what the letter on the electronic doors at the store spell; just know to avoid the one that will come out and hit ya.

3) Have "Stoopid Is As Stoopid Duz" Tattoo on arm.

2) Still get confused by the "Which Hand is The Quarter In" game that Uncle Delbert plays at every family reunion.

1) We actually think that we'll go somewhere with this craft and get paid for it!!

Thanks to Chica for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Fri Mar 27 22:04:48 1998
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