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The Top 10 Things You Do Not Want To Find On An Exam

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10) A handwritten note from the rest of your fraternity that reads: FAIL THIS TEST AND WE WILL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!!!

9) If you're a guy, you don't want to find your male professor's phone number.

8) Drool.

7) The phone number for that school that Sally Struthers talks about in her commercial (Do You Wanna Make More Money?!?).

6) An essay question that reads "Explain the history of the Russian Empire in Limerick Format".

5) Something that looks like white out but doesn't really cover up any words.

4) An English test in Spanish.

3) Where page 5 is supposed to contain questions 50-69, you find a note in black magic marker that reads "DROP THIS CLASS NOW YOU MORON!!"

2) A question that offers you multiple choice answers that range from "A" to "ZZ".

1) A copy of a steamy E-mail from your professor to your current girlfriend.

Thanks to Dale for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Fri Mar 27 21:53:55 1998
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