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The Top 10 Classes You Do Not Want To Take

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10) Woodshop 101 with Three-Fingered McGillicudy

9) Cermanic Pottery 101--Sculpting with expired government cheese

8) Pharmacy 202--The "lab" is off-campus and frequently gets raided.

7) U.S.History 101--Professor requires a "Hier Professor" one armed salute at the start of each class.

6) Probability 204--Class spends whole semester working on "Bovine Bingo" project. A large field is sectioned off into squares and tries to predict where the Agriculture Dept's cow will "use the facilities."

5) Technology 308--Atari 2600 or Mattel Intellivision... which one was cooler?

4) Motion Pictures 218--The Study of 80's Film...aka.. Where the Hell did Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald disappear to???

3) Physical Education 108--Nude Telephone Pole Climbing

2) Archaeology 301--Learning Proper Digging Technique.. PREREQUISITE: Archaeology 201--How To Avoid Natural Gas Pipelines

1) Music 101--Bananarama... The White Supremes of Music or Just A Bunch of Eurosluts??

Thanks to Aurora for the Topic and BPATT for the list

Submitted: Fri Mar 27 21:44:25 1998
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