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The Top Things You Don't Want To Find In Your Dorm Room

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10) Lorena Bobbit, in a nightie, with one arm behind her back.

9) Jack Kevorkian sitting in a chair, smoking a cigarette while listening to "Waiting On A Friend" by the Rolling Stones.

8) Your roommate's science project of 5 camels with the inability to control their bowels.

7) A very angry, hungry Rottweiler.

6) A Jehovah's witness with a desire to filibuster.

5) Your roommate, his friend and the University mascot playing a nude game of Twister.

4) The brothers Hanson and special guest Tiffany rehearsing their soon to be released duet.

3) A very devout and proper nun who looks just like Pamela Anderson-Lee.

2) You're not really sure what the hell it is but it just finished eating your roommate.

1) Your parents...attempting to give you a baby brother.

Thanks to Aurora for the topic and BPatt for the list

Submitted: Wed Dec 3 1:00:27 1997
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