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The Top 10 Things That Will Stick To The Ceiling

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10) Bisquick pancakes with extra Aunt Jemimah maple syrup.

9) Already Chewed Gummi Bears.

8) A lifetime collection of postage stamps.

7) Over 10,000 Post It Notes All Saying: GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED!!!

6) Slightly moistened, recently chewed Bubblicious!

5) Well, with just the right amount of superglue and a damn good scare..the cat.

4) A recently digested Bagel with Jelly if it has the right propulsion.

3) Tape and other substances will hold Miss January there just fine.

2) Remember the kid that ate paste in the third grade? Well if you dip him in paste and stick him....ouch...well that didn't work.

1) Four words: Duct Tape, Little Brother!

Thanks to Aurora for the Topic and BPatt for the list

Submitted: Wed Dec 3 0:53:49 1997
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