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The Top 10 Rejected Advertising Sponsors for the Funny Bone website

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10) H&R BLOCKBUSTER--See a great movie and do your taxes at the same time!

9) ANDY'S COMPACT CARS--Andy has every single done by the cars on CD and he'll sell them to you one at a time.

8) GYPPY LUBE--One Oil Change...$600 dollars.

7) DOLLY'S DRIVE THRU SUPPOSITORIES--No explanation needed here.

6) SANDRA'S HOUSE OF CRAP--She has everything from every garage sale in her area

5) GIRLS OF THE NURSING HOME--No explanation needed here either.

4) GREEN ACHERS--The exercise support group for men who haven't worked out in years but still think they can perform at the level that they did when they were 20.

3) EARL'S JAIL BAIT--Need a little company while you're out fishing? Talk to Earl...

2) MOONDOGGLE--The New Game from Milton Bradley where when you win, you get to moon your opponents.

1) CONDOMS--The New Creme Filled Cookie Snack from Nabisco that's shaped like...ahh you get the idea....

Thanks to BPatt

Submitted: Wed Dec 3 0:47:55 1997
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