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The Top 10 Incidents That Occurred At The Funny Bone Christmas Party

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10) I don't know why but there's a Pop Tart stuck in my hard drive.

9) When you flush the toilet, it plays Jingle Bells.

8) There's now Egg Nog in the water cooler.

7) While really, really drunk, we sent Bill Gates an autographed Debbie Gibson CD.

6) A bunch of uninvited midgets, dressed as elves, came by and totally ransacked the place.

5) I don't really want to know why someone's underwear is stuck in the fax machine.

4) Evidently, all of our desks were rolled down the street and caused a major traffic jam.

3) The website designer was last seen wearing Saran Wrap, a Santa hat and dancing to Katrina and the Waves song "Walking on Sunushine."

2) Evidently, you cannot wear just a bow and give yourself to the Spice Girls as a present.

1) A $5000 dollar phone bill from 1-900 calls to Santa's naughty elf..Vixen!!

Thanks to Mike for the Topic and BPatt for the list

Submitted: Wed Dec 3 0:40:26 1997
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