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The Top 10 Things That Rhyme With Orange

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Writer's note...as we all know, nothing really rhymes with orange. This suggestion, courtesy of Oz-Chic, never said that I couldn't use MADE-UP WORDS!! SO without further ado ( and a prize for Oz-Chic)...

10) SCORNGE--What the other oranges do to another orange when it leaves the tree too soon.

9) DORINGE--That's a door hinge in Southern Alabama.

8) EEYORNGE--That's how a two year old tells you that the color has gone out on the TV while she was watching Winnie The Pooh.

7) ARHNGE--Outside of Texas this word is pronounced "Aren't"

6) ABHORNGE--Someone who detests oranges.

We're really laboring now!!!

5) SNORNGE--What your hubby does all night long.

4) SPORNGE--What you describe the orange that has sat for 6 months in the back of fridge and is now covered with mold.

3) FORNGE--That's four inch as pronounced by a Southern madam.

2) HEMAROINGE--Eat 250 oranges in a row...see what flares up first.

1) BINKY--Sure it doesn't rhyme with orange but it sure is fun to say!!

Thanks to Oz-Chic for the Topic and Fish/Fiona/SPanky/BPatt and others for the list

Submitted: Wed Dec 3 0:33:46 1997
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