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The Top 10 Things Not To Do At A Wedding/Reception

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10) Bring McDonald's to the reception.

9) Make 25 toasts to the bride and groom just b/c you love champagne.

8) Hold a card up that rates the bridesmaids as they walk down the aisle.

7) Throw the rice as the bride walks down the aisle.

6) Help guests eat their cake just like the bride helped the groom.

5) Stand up and scream "Ya Damn Skippy I've got something to say about this marriage...she's a tramp!"

4) Make a comparison joke about the size of the shrimp at the reception and the groom's...

3) Rush into the church, claim to the be the Fashion Police, handcuff and haul the bride away, citing that she does not have "the right" to wear white at a wedding.

2) Although it might be fun, its still not wise to french kiss the bride in the receiving line.

1) Lingering too long and exploring too much while putting the garter on the woman that caught the bouquet.

Thanks to BPatt

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