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The Top 10 Names That I, BPatt Go By At The Funny Bone Office

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10) Lord of the Tens

9) The Man With The Golden Lists

8) The Artist Consistently Known As Dork.

7) Jon Bon Jovial

6) Spice Girls Boy Toy

5) Hey Beerman

4) Unemployed Humorless Loser

3) Madge, the BEST DAMN DISHWASHER IN ALL THE LAND!!!(Read the exciting new issue of the Funny Bone's E-Mail Magazine to learn how I earned this dorky ass title of dishwasher to the Pope. IF you don't know how to get this magazine FREE in your own mailbox, e-mail me and I will help you become extra kewl with your friends!)

2) Goober Pyle

1) Hey You, Letterman Wannabe!!

Thanks To BPatt

Submitted: Thu Nov 27 23:24:51 1997
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