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The Top 10 Signs That You Ate Too Much During Thanksgiving

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10) Your pants button flies off and leaves your cousin in the hospital with a concussion.

9) You become strangely aroused by the sound that cranberry jelly makes when it slides out of the can.

8) No one has ever heard someone say that they were going back for Tenths.

7) No one has ever seen someone put Sweet Potatoes on top of a piece of Pecan Pie before either.

6) You accidently ingested the paper plate you were served dinner on.

5) You immediately surround the Turkey and then glare at the others "I've Got Mine...Go Get Your Own"

4) When someone asks if you're full, you break out into the evil laugh BWA HA HA HA, say NEVER!!! and start eating stuffing without using any silverware or your hands.

3) Two words: Gravy Shots.

2) I'm not going into the gory details but..well..you pass your colon.

1) The Manager at the local Shoney's encourages you firmly but nicely to "step away from the buffet bar, there is nothing left in stock...now GO HOME!!"

Thanks to BPatt

Submitted: Thu Nov 27 23:15:37 1997
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