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The Top 10 Signs You're At A Bad Thanksgiving Day Parade

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10) The Musical Guest....FALCO!!!

9) A sniper tries to take out Santa Claus.

8) The Turkey is really a Basset Hound with a beak.

7) The Concession Stand sells cups of Basting Juice for 75 cents.

6) A reckless streetsweeper takes out the marching band.

5) Instead of a Mayflower Float, its just the Mayflower Madam and some of her "employees".

4) It seems that a Pilgrim and a Indian are making the Plymouth Rock Float "rock" if you know what I mean.

3) The Woody Woodpecker Float flies away when everyone else lets go at the same time except for one clueless dolt who gets to fly for free over the Thanksgiving Holidays that lucky bastard!!!

2) Six words: Kathie Lee Gifford, Master of Ceremonies!

1) It appears that Underdog meets his demise in some power lines going around turn 3!

Thanks to BPatt

Submitted: Thu Nov 27 23:01:46 1997
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