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The Top 10 Ways To Make Golf More Exciting

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10) Replace Golf Shoes with those silly, pointed Elf Shoes.

9) Install every golf ball with that Fox-Cam.

8) Quicksand traps.

7) Every golfer must now have an animal name such as Tiger Woods, Dumbo Couples, Snake Price..etc...

6) Each hole now has a Tequila Shot along with a Tee Shot.

5) If you can hit the CBS Announcers Booth at 18, you win the whole damn tournament.

4) You play a fun-filled price game with Bob Barker to determine exactly where you'll putt from.

3) In addition to #4, if you sink the putt, there's an additional joke about the 19th hole and one of Barker's Beauties!!!

2) Combine the joy of putting, the gopher from Caddyshack and a wacky kids arcade game. Everytime you sink a putt...its Whack A Gopher!!!

1) Aw...what the hell. Two words: Topless Caddies!

Thanks to BPatt

Submitted: Thu Nov 27 22:54:12 1997
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