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The Top 10 Dirty Little Secrets About Star Trek:The Next Generation

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10) When the camera wasn't on, everyone beat the crap out of Wesley.

9) You could put a CD in Data's mouth and he would play it.

8) Someone always would steal Jordi's sightpiece and play fetch with the dog on the lot.

7) Troi was always complaining to Ryker about their love life and his desire for everything to be at "warp speed."

6) Worf was director of security but could never keep those Klingon groupies at bay.

5) Everytime Picard said "Engage", two midget wrestlers would go at it offscreen.

4) Whoopi's character always wore that damn hat out in public.

3) BORG was just another euphemism for sex.

2) Evidently, Wesley was caught doing something on the Holodeck that it wasn't necessarily programmed to do.

1) Dr. Crusher was always called in to help work on the "Captain's Log."

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