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The Top 10 Signs Your Barber/Stylist Is Nuts

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10) On occasions, she puts Nair in the shampoo bottle.

9) He likes to put on a Hockey Mask while using those sharp, lethal scissors!

8) She cuts a little hair off a Troll Doll and presto...your hair gets shorter!

7) Upon entering the shop, you find her over a grindstone with her scissors, muttering "Sharper...must get them sharper."

6) He likes to pull your hair out with tweezers.

5) You find him outside your bathroom window and upon catching him, he states that he was just making sure you were using the proper shampooing technique.

4) The Gel she uses on your hair comes out of a Pennzoil can.

3) His combs are soaking in a contained filled with Jack Daniels.

2) Most people use a hair dryer...he keeps pushing you to dry your hair by putting your head in the microwave.

1) She runs with scissors!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to BPatt

Submitted: Sat Nov 22 23:03:15 1997
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