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The Top 10 Signs You Are In A Bad High School Band

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10) The halftime formations spell out something obscene.

9) When the Drum Major struts onto the field, he is arrested and cuffed by the guys from COPS.

8) During a routine drill, you find a way to critically injure the mascot and most of the twirlers.

7) The only halftime song you do is Mary Had A Little Lamb.

6) Trumpet Soloist can't hit high note without taking cigarette out of her mouth.

5) The noise the Tuba player is making does not sound like its part of the song.

4) The rest of the stands decide to join the football team in the locker room just to get away from you.

3) The bass drummer has decided to play his stomach rather than the drum itself.

2) You don't know exactly how but someone in the first three rows always gets hurt by a trombone slide.

1) Half the trumpet section is led off the field and under the stands by a promiscuous flute player.

Thanks to Susan/Karl for the Topic and BPatt for the list

Submitted: Wed Nov 19 16:46:10 1997
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