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The Top 10 Things Teachers Are Thinking When You Ask To Go To The Bathroom During Class

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10) "If they wore Depends like me, they'd never leave."

9) "Maybe if I don't let them go to the Water Fountain so much...they won't have to go so much.

8) "Why can't kids today find History as interesting as I do?"

7) "Why can't I get up and go whenever I want?"

6) "I hope the bathroom video camera I installed is working this time."

5) "Kids Today can't hold their beer at all."

4) "Should I tell her I hope everything comes out all right...no, must stay in a leadership role."

3) "Those Sokolowsky kids are nothing but trouble."

2) "See what happens when you eat too much paste."

1) "Man, that is one tight little body."

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Submitted: Wed Nov 19 16:10:47 1997
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