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The Top 10 Things Guys Shouldn't Say While In Victoria's Secret

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10) "My mistress would just love this."

9) "Go ahead and ask the clerk to model it for you..she always does for me."

8) "Two to one odds it does not come in your size."

7) "The thought of you in that is making me nauseous."

6) "The Dancer at the Kittycat Lounge wore something just like this last night."

5) "Hey, can I try it on when we get home?"

4) "You can wear that all you want, you're still not getting the remote."

3) "I bet your sister would look good in that."

2) "Sure it looks nice but can you mow the yard in it?"

1) "I don't care if the damn things are edible..I still ain't eatin' down there!"

Thanks to Craig/Tiff for the Topic and BPatt for the list

Submitted: Wed Nov 19 15:49:06 1997
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