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The Top 10 Rarely Played Schoolhouse Rock Songs

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10) Lolly,lolly,lolly, get your bad words here!

9) Verb up!

8) Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla meets Shaft.

7) Not On This Planet Janet and the Story of Crack.

6) The Shot Heard Down the Block.

5) I Got Six, Where's Naughty Nine?(Writer's note...these are two actual songs...What WAS I watching?!?)

4) 21 Is The Real Magic Number.

3) A Noun Is A Person, Place, or Thing..But Alcohol Is Our Friend!

2) I'm Just a Thrill..Up On Capital Hill..Stop That Congressman!

1) Dysfunction Junction...Who's My Daddy?

Thanks to Lee for the Topic and BPatt for the List

Submitted: Wed Nov 19 15:39:13 1997
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