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The Top 10 Ways To Avoid Getting Your Power Turned Off

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10) Hide your meter with shrubbery, wrap your house in aluminum foil and explain to the meter reader that you only use solar power and not their services.

9) Reverse the charges on the meter so that he gets the shock of his life.

8) Attempt to pay him with Monopoly money, insisting that its legal tender.

7) Dress up as one of the Power Rangers and run him off saying that you've got jurisdiction in this area.

6) Three words: Angry, Hungry, Rottweiler

5) Turn off all of your lights, and answer the door with a candle saying that one of their guys had just left and "as any moron can tell" , they did their job.

4) Ask him for ID, saying that you have watched every damn episode of The Electric Company and you don't remember seeing his sorry ass!

3) Invite him in, show him The Funny Bone website and the Top 10 Lists. Explain to him that without his contribution of power, quality programs like this would just not exist.

2) Wrap the area around the meter in Police Line: Do Not Cross tape and then sit there with a cordless phone, saying "Do it....and I'm calling."

1) Burn your house down just to spite them.

Thanks to Fish for the Topic and Fish/BPatt/Morgan Freeman for the List

Submitted: Fri Nov 14 22:09:09 1997
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