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The Top 10 Signs Your Girlfriend is Moonlighting As A Stripper

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10) She always has change but its always in ones.

9) The rash on her shoulder is from taking off her bra 300 time a day.

8) When you ask her to pass the gravy, she gives you a table dance.

7) She's always commenting on how "realistic" Showgirls was.

6) When the CD disc changer switches CDs, she feels the need to remove clothing.

5) When she brings work home with her, it involves some DJ named Rob.

4) When she successfully takes the trash out, she asks you to "Give it Up" for her.

3) She says she works in an office but she can't type a lick!

2) Everytime you start to fool around with her. some big muscular guy appears and tell you to "keep your distance."

1) Construction workers show at your house one Saturday asking you "where you want this pole installed."

Thanks to BPatt

Submitted: Sun Nov 9 16:24:56 1997
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