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!The Funny Bone would like to welcome BPATT to our twisted Staff!
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Stump the funny guy!
You submit an Original topic for a top 10 list, and if BPATT can't make up a top ten list using your topic, you will win!
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Also, We will post a topic, and if you submit the number one answer, you will win!
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Unless you ask us not to, we will post the names of all who submit!

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Current Topic:
Top ten things you'd like to see added to !The Funny Bone

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Lists YOU made: (so don't blame us if they suck)
Top ten signs you've been spending too much time at !The Funny Bone
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BPATT, his family, and anyone else who's accidently heard of him not eligible to win.
Void where prohibited, and here too.

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