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Sesame Street...

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There was this guy who got a job driving the school bus on Sesame Street. On his first day of work, he made his first stop. A little girl got on the bus and said "Hi my name is Patty and I'm obese".

On is second stop, a little girl got on the bus andsaid "Hi my name is Patty and I'm fat". On next stop he picked up a little boy, when he got on the bus he said "Hi my name is Ross and I'm special."

The next stop was another little boy when he entered the bus all he said was "Lester Cheese" and proceeded to sit right behind the driver.

On the way to school Lester took off his shoes and started picking his bunions, this distracted the bus driver so much that he wrecked the bus.

When he got back to the bus garage his boss was shouting at him. Finally the bus driver said "Listen to me, you would not believe the day I have had.

I had 2 Obese Patty's, Special Ross, Lester Cheese, Picking Bunions, on a Sesame Street Run!"

Submitted by McTypo

Submitted: Wed Oct 15 7:36:33 1997

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