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The previous version was too crunchy for the toothless, so we softened it up, yet it still stays crispy even in milk!

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*(That Stubborn Fifth Dentist!)

Not having a "nice day?" Then you're in the right place... unless you were having a nice day until you got here, in which case you... aww forget it.

Who says
.people can't be wrong?

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Have an enemy or relative and you want to let them know just how you feel about them? Email them (or someone you love) something rude, obnoxious, crass, and yet, strangely touching. It's Quick, It's Easy, and It's FREE!

Lots of Kewl Games!
Are you a "Friend" of !The Funny Bone? You will be if you play one of the kewl games here, register to win the cash. ('cause then you'll make us fifty cents) If everybody did that, we could actually keep this site on the net AND eat!

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Meet available singles with a sense of humor, In YOUR town! Or, if you have your own website, you can set up your own singles connection Here (make some cash!)

Behind The Scenes with Dom
Yes, it's hard to believe that !TheFunnyBone is NOT the only funny humor page out there. Join Dom as he travels to far off web sites & attempts to harass the webmasters with his Tinker-Toy microphone. Betcha won't see THIS on COPS!!

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It's free, it's funny, and it's sent out irregularly whenever we get our butts up and send one out. Did I mention that it was free?
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Hate slow drivers? We do too! Join the campaign to wipe slowpokes from the face of the roads! The official "cause" of the 2001 Olympics.

Worthwhile Causes We Support
Who'da thunked it?

Columns - Original Humor By Rob Wedding!
We suckered a real published columnist into letting us shoot an apple off his head... and he STILL sends us columns too! What a guy!

Ignore this part!
We really don't have anything to put here, but we thought the page would look funny if we just left it out. The last thing we want to do around here is look funny.

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Exclusive kewl designs such as our hilarious famous brand name spoof "Tommy Middlefinger" and other nifty items for you to get your paws on.

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