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Our Free E-magazine

What is "!The Funny Bone's Every So Often (whenever we feel like it) E-Magazine"?

Well, the name is pretty much self explanatory, as far as the frequency of the E-mag is concerned. The content pretty much consists of some jokes and your basic funny stuff, as well as special events you might not want to miss, and site updates. However, the site is updated MUCH more frequently than the E-mag is sent, so don't rely on just the E-mag... Check back often! (But go ahead and sign up too!)

But, I was really hoping for a Daily mailing of jokes and stuff!

You're kidding, Right? We already don't have a life from spending so much time on this site, and NOW, you want us to do a daily mailing too??? Do you realize how much time and effort that would take?


Us either.. but we really don't want to do it, we know that much! Look, If you want jokes in your email every single day.. we'll be glad to help!

Laugh Your Butt Off Everyday!!

With FREE Hilarious Jokes in your Email! Simply enter your address below and click submit! You should be 16 years or older and we will not sell/divulge your address to anyone!

This service is completely FREE and anonymous!

This service is totally free and anonymous

Boxers, or Briefs?

Who the hell are you anyway, and why must you pry into our personal affairs?? What makes a person want to know that kind of stuff anyway? ... Briefs.. we HATE Boxers!

How do I sign up for !The Funny Bone's Every-so-often (when ever you feel like it) Free E-Magazine?

Thought you'd never ask! It's pretty easy, really.. Just follow the easy instructions on This Page <--- Click There

Cool! Do you know of any other free stuff that's cool?

No, Do you know what a Frequently Asked Questions Page is???

Yeah, do you have one here?

uhh.. no.

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As we find more cool, and more importantly, FREE stuff to offer, we'll add it in!

If you know of anything free and cool, drop us a line so we can put it in here! mail us at FreeShit@TheFunnyBone.com

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