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Help meeeeee!!!!!

So, you wanna chat, but you can't... 
The problem is, that your browser doesn't support Java!!!

What can we do to change that?  We get you a browser that is up to date!

If you're on AOL... Ask yourself "WHY AM I ON AOL??" then go to keyword "upgrade" and download the latest version of AOL, which is AOL 4.0 for windows 95  Don't be deceived, 4.0 for windows is not the same as 4.0 for windows 95!!!  If you're not sure what version you're running, click on help, and then select "about AOL" A box will pop up and tell you what version you are running.

There is another option (or actually a couple more)

Download Netscape!! - it's kewl, it's fun, it's free!

Or you can download Microsofts internet explorer, but that's pretty much what you'd be doing if you just upgraded your AOL browser, since that's what AOL uses.

If you're using a Mac:
ParaChat will not work for Mac users using Netscape. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.01b is known to work well for some Mac users and work with some repaint bugs (chat window messed up and cannot see the chat command buttons) for other Mac users.

If nothing above helps any, try going to http://parachat.webpage.com/faq.htm For FAQ.

So do something, and come back and chat!!!

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