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The Funny Bone

FunnyBone Stuff

Get your FunnyBone Stuff! Below is a quick overview of the great stuff we offer. To learn more about either our FunnyBone line or our exclusive Tommy Middlefingerę line of products just click on the images of each. At anytime you can place an order by clicking on the appropriate links for each line of merchandise.

The Bone StoreThe Funnybone has two great lines of merchandise for you to choose from. The Bone Store features one of our great logos (on left) complete with Happy having yet another optical mishap. Tommy MiddlefingerThe other line is the hilarious Tommy Middlefinger (on right) parody that is taking the country by storm. You can get either or both as a T-shirt or other nifty item, we don't mind. For a look at the complete product line click the appropriate link or image.

What's that? You don't like these shirts? Well design your own damned shirt! Tell you what we'll even pay for it. Want to learn more? Then just click HERE.

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