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The Funny Bone's Trophy Case

Can you believe it?
Here are some people who not only admit to having been to our site, but also claim that they enjoyed it, and felt it worthy of their awards! We thank them for the recognition, and worry about their mental health! Please Suport them by visiting their sites... BUT.. don't forget to come back when you're done!

If you would like to submit your site for us to review, you just might receive the coveted "five star Boner Award" from The Funny Bone!
(Just E-mail us your url by clicking HERE)

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This site is Faux King GreatWe received the highest award possible from The Faux King! We humbly Thank him, and tip our jester's hat!
We were featured as the short attention span site of the week, by the Centre for the Easily Amused! We spend a lot of time here whenever our attention span is such that we uhhhhh... what was I talking about?
favorite ballLOOK! People love our balls! ..er.. We've got a favorite ball!.. I mean.. we're having a ball!.. no..uhhh.. We scratched our ba.. no.. we were picked as a favorite ball! Yeah! That's it! The Comedy Zone has Balls to select us as one of only a handful of sites spaming..er.. spanning the net, that they've found worthy of hanging their balls on!
They gave us a full Five Star Rating!! (so what if we paid 'em a lot of money for it)
The Smelly chicken wedgie picker was nice enough to notice we were uncomfortable without his award shoved up our crack!
First to award Ye Olde Offramp Motel!
We were the first to award The Ye Olde Offramp Motel!.. and..uh.. they awarded us for that!!
so we're psycho.. so what!
We got a kick ass award, and this was why he said we won:
You are the *FIRST* ever winner of the "Kicks Ass Award".
You have been awarded this because...
1. You get a lot of hits.
2. Your page is crappy, and people want to leave fast.
3. It will make you Happy, I mean Gay...whatever.
4. I like rubber chickens.
(Damn, I've been typing what I am thinking again...got to find that medication)

Spanky Picked
Look! Spanky HERSELF gave us her first seal of approval award!!! Needless to say, we're having it made into a billboard!
Snot Sheet Site
We were "hand picked" by the snot sheet guys! (we just thought our five star boner award was bad)
BuD UgllY SitE oF the DAy
We're not shur iff this wuz a good thing, or knot, butt we won an awart that saed we wuz bud uglly! By the way.. this is our most favoritest site in the world.. a must pee!

We actually got the highest rating you can get (5!) from Webrating! We think maybe we'll go there next time we're surfing, cause we think they know what they're talkin' about!

Once I went fishing & stubbed my toe on a rock, and then it got infected, and they had to cut it.... well, you don't need to know all of this, but I got an award similar to this one. I kinda like this better though, and I didn't stub my toe either!

We were featured at the Wrecked Humor Collection, as the funniest site on the net! (is that the coolest lookin' award or what?)
featured in C*E*A
The Centre for the Easily Amused featured our site in their "Random Silliness" section.

We can't remember where we found this one, but it was one of those award yourself places, that isn't up and running anymore, and I lost the link. If you know, email us, and I'll fix it. (we just liked the picture) 
Beeradio.Com's Choice Site Award



Oh please, This shameless dribble is making me feel queasy...
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