Web site design. Custom web page design, pricing and on-line quotes. The best prices for web pages. The most features, the best site management and regular updates. Keeping your Webpages up to date so you can compete with other sites with your on-line products. We feature Miva shopping cart setup. Allwebco web page prices will give your small business the best web site possible. No other management and page designer can compete. Make your site stand out on the Internet. Javascript, HTML, Macromedia Flash, and other high end website features. Better prices than most other firms. Professional design for professional corporations and small businesses. Get the best web page design with forms and shopping carts at AllWebCo design. Our Designers and Developers provide the best Internet consulting and management to give you the best Custom pricing at Low Low Prices. Web page design by AllWebCo Design. The most ahopping cart features, the best site management. Keeping your pages up to date so you can compete with other sites with similar products and shopping carts. The best web design firm companies and agencies, including studios, boutiques, freelance designers, worldwide design agencies, illustrators, 3-D, multimedia design and more. AllWebCo provides interactive media design and development services to existing and emerging companies and nonprofit organizations. Founded in 1996 by a core team of designers, technologists and business professionals, AllWebCo has seven years of digital and Internet development experience. AllWebCo has executed successful design and technology projects for a broad range of clients. AllWebCo is an interactive design firm headquartered in Chicago Illinois. Our proven expertise in visual and user interface design produces measurable results for our clients, often raising their online efforts to top of class. AllWebCo offers full-spectrum Web design and development solutions, specializing in seamless technology integration, superior functionality and intuitive user-interface design. Since 1996, our team has been providing Internet technology expertise and visual design mastery to industry leaders. A full service Web marketing agency, AllWebCo applies a deliberate strategic process to help organizations assess the role the Web plays in your overall business strategy. This, combined with our pioneering Web design, development and content management, is the foundation for delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions. We help businesses assess and manage their Internet needs. Web site design, vertical portal creation and online store-front solutions are just a few of the services we provide with a special emphasis on quality, customer service, and efficient, cost-effective Internet use.

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Welcome to AllWebCo - Affordable, powerful, professional, reliable - web site hosting, web page templates, design, and promotions. AllWebCo provides professional, reliable web site hosting, design, and promotion at affordable rates. Compare our quality, services, features, and prices with anyone on the net and you'll see why we're the obvious choice. Simply the best hosting on the planet!
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AllWebCo Design - Simply the best web site design available. Custom Flash applications using Macromedia Flash MX, CGI Scripting, HTML, JavaScript, E-Commerce setup, Miva Merchant shopping carts, promotion, search engine ranking help and much more. As a full service web site development agency, we take care of every aspect of your website leaving you free to run your business.
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Pre-Made Web Sites - Our pre-made web sites get your business up and running on the web as fast as possible, usually within two working days. Our pre-made packages are simply the best way possible for you to get your company on-line with minimum work from you.
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Web Site Templates - Website Templates are an inexpensive way to get your company's Internet presence started. These sites are completely set up by you and require no graphics knowledge or software. Each site comes with a comprehensive help page to help you get your site set up fast. Easy to install, our original web site templates are the easiest, best looking templates available.
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Setting up a web site - Getting your pages on-line. Top quality internet site design. allwebco Web site design studios feature top quality flash design and web site creation using the latest technology and macromedia flash technology. Professional web design and professional web site set up. Top quality web design set up and hosting. On-line quotes, hosting and web space services make us the top Internet design studio on-line. Our on-line pricing system will give you an instant quote on web site design. Based in Chicago, our web site design is the highest quality with the most features available on-line. Most Chicago design firms and most other design firms will charge twice the price for our quality site setup. Web site authoring by our group of the best web site designers on-line. Internet Web page setup and development using macromedia flash and CGI features. Web site layout featuring the best web design available at the fairest prices. You can use our Internet design quote system for checking prices on cutting edge web site design. CGI script setup, custom or stock graphics, copy writing/text authoring, domain name registration, shopping carts, order/application forms, Flash applications, Java animation, logo design, scanning, audio, midi music, Javascript, comprehensive daily statistics, and full promotional and advertising services by a group of some of the most informed HTML programmers on the Internet. Our award winning creative team of designers will work with you to create the exact website you need. It's important to us that you receive the site that you want, with the features that best communicate your message and/or will sell your product. All set up on a fast reliable allwebcoWebCo server with as much or as little input from our clients as they require. To compete in today's market, a website needs to be more than just a pretty face. Interaction and animation create interest and generate sales. Your typical web user wants to get their information or product quick and easy. That's where allwebcodesign comes in. With six years on the Internet, we have a better grasp on usability, navigation and interaction than most of our competitors. A quality website should be more than a simple static advertisement for your company, product or service. Need Some Help? If all of this seems like some strange new language to you, don't worry. It's not as difficult to get started as it may seem at first. Simply follow the easy steps below, and you'll be a webmaster in no time! 1.) Choose a domain name If you've already registered your domain name, skip to step 2. If you need more info on transferring the domain name to our registrar, or help making it correctly point to your new website from your current registrar, see "help for pointing your domain name" 2.) Choose a web hosting package 3.) Design/Build your web site If you've already completed designing/building your site, or if you're moving your completed site to our servers from another host, skip to step 4. 4.) Upload your web pages to your new server space. Step One: Choose a domain name The first decision is which type of domain name you want to use for your site. If your site is used for strictly personal use (pictures of family reunions, web journal, etc...) then you may choose to use what's called a "third level" domain name, such as www.whatever.allwebco.com It (like any other domain name we host) will work with, or without the www in the address. The only advantage of using a third level domain name, is that you don't have to pay anyone for the registration of that type of name. If you choose to use a third level domain name, when you order your package and you're asked by the order form, you'll need to choose "Pre-registered by allwebco" from the domain name choices. If you're doing anything even remotely commercial, you will find that many visitors to your site will not order from you if you're using a third level domain name. This is because it appears to be a small personal site, rather than a company sizable enough to be capable of, and responsible for, a satisfying internet business transaction. If you decide to get a domain name such as www.YourSitesName.com the first step is to make sure it's still available. (domain names are still being registered at an alarming rate, so if the one you want is still available, it's not meaningless sales hype to say hurry up and register it!) While there are many schools of thought on what makes one domain name better than another, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the name should be easy to remember, and easy to spell. The name won't help you if people can't remember it, or can't get to it due to spelling errors. Other things to remember: Occasionally you may find it advantageous to choose a name that would be near the top of a page that listed sites/links alphabetically. Numerals come before letters in those types of lists, but weigh the importance of that to someone going to the wrong site by spelling out a numeral rather than using the actual number key while trying to get to your site. (If both are available, you can register both to point to your site) Make it short. It's easier to remember, and type in if it's a short name. Do your best to make sure it's not someone else's corporate name, trade-mark, etc... You don't want dispute headaches like that after you've spent the time and energy to make your site popular, and people know where to find you. Domain names that contain descriptive keywords tend to place better on search engines. For example, if everything else were equal, domregz.com would normally place lower in most search engines (and be harder to remember) than a name like domain-registrations.org Domain names with dashes between the keywords work better than keywords that are run together. For example, domainregistrations.org might not rank as well as domain-registrations.org Many people register multiple, descriptive names in an effort to rank higher with related keywords in the search engines, and point them all to the same site. This can be done after setting up your original account, by going to the "adding features to your account" section of our site, where you can order "parked" domains for a one time charge. Many new domain name extensions are now available, but ".com" remains the most popular by far. If a visitor of your site is trying to remember your domain name later, you want it to be ".com" but we can host your site using ANY domain name extension in existance. You can click here to check the availability of, and/or register your desired domain name. Step Two: Choose a web hosting package Which hosting package you choose should be based on what you plan to do with your site. All of our packages come with an unconditional thirty day money back guarantee that covers everything except for domain name registration fees. That fee is currently only 25.00 per year, and while we can't refund it, you can use the domain name you've paid for with any hosting company. Even your setup fee will be refunded should you decide for any reason that you don't want to host with us (most hosting companies will not refund setup fees) Whether you're looking to have a simple electronic business card, a full fledged internet ecommerce business, or anything in-between, our Web Hosting Packages are designed to suit your needs. Review the features of each package, and choose the one that best suits your needs for your particular site's functionality and concept. You can get an over-view of all of the packages by clicking here. If you have any questions, please feel free to click here and ask! Step Three: Design/Build your web site If you're planning to sell anything with your site, and you're not an experienced web designer, you will probably want to either use website templates, use pre-made sites or hire a designer or design service to build your site. If your site is not professional looking enough to compete with the look of your competitors' sites, then you could lose a lot of business. You can get more information on the allwebco design department. The best way to start designing your site without design help, is to plan it all out (on paper if need be) to get an idea of what pages you want, what you want them to say, and what you want them to look like. When you're ready to start construction of your web pages, you'll need to decide which program you'd like to use to build them. Our value package is the only one we offer that doesn't include some type of easy to use web site builder program. There are also many third-party programs you can use to help you build your web pages. For beginners, and those who do not wish to learn HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language - the basic language used to create web pages) you may want to find a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type editor. These types of editors usually let you type your text and drop images into directly into a web page on your computer, change colors, etc... and it will write the html for you. More experienced webmasters who are familiar with HTML can use any text editor, such as Windows Notepad. Whatever you decide to use may or may not have the ability to upload your new pages to our servers. If it doesn't include Telnet or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) capabilities, you can always use a different program to FTP (upload) the pages from your computer to our servers. See step four for more info on uploading your files. Step Four: Upload your web pages to your new server space. It has been said that you can do anything you want to a website using telnet. It has also been said that you can travel all over the globe using only a life jacket and a pogo stick, but that doesn't mean it's the best way to get where you want to go. If you're not already familiar with telnet, it's probably best to avoid it for now and come back to it if the need arises. For now, use FTP or your control panel to upload files to your site. If you are familiar with telnet, you will need to know that all of our packages except for the Value Package and the Mini Site include SSH (secure shell) For shell access, Instead of using a standard telnet program, you will need to use a program supporting SSH to log into your server. Contact sales for links to free SSH programs and instructions. FTP's main purpose is to make transferring files from one computer to another as fast and easy as possible. One of the best advantages of FTP over using your control panel to upload files, is that FTP programs allow you to upload or download many files at once. Unlike Telnet, FTP is not a program. It is instead a "protocol" just like http is a protocol. Your browser program uses the http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) for viewing, reading, and translating HTML into the bright and colorful interactive web pages you see on your computer screen. In order to use FTP you will need a program such as CuteFTP or WS-FTP for Windows, or Fetch for Macintosh users. Visually, if you are using CuteFTP or WS_FTP, you will see two panels, each with folders (also called directories) and files displayed similiar to Windows explorer. One panel will contain the folders and files on your computer. The other panel will contain the folders and files on the site you are logged into. If you are using Fetch, you will see something a bit different. You can get more info on this, and every other aspect of getting started (email, etc...) in our on-line manual as well as our FAQ pages, etc... Remember, we all start out not knowing anything about any of this, and it's not as difficult as it all seems in the beginning. The learning curve is actually easy, fun to ride, and well worth the effort! So what are you waiting for? Get Started Now! Buying web space is confusing! What you should know about buying web space. The problem with buying web space, for most people, is that they don't really know what they're looking at when they buy it. They simply buy what sounds like the "biggest" package they can get on their budget, or they buy the first package they see, and think they are all alike. A package that claims to have "Unlimited" web space, and transfer may sound like the biggest "package" you can get, but rest assured, there are many more important features, and considerations in buying web space. To make things even more confusing, some hosting companies are cheating and lying to their customers! Take a second and find out how below: Space... The "Unlimited" Trap. Traffic... They Said it was "unlimited"! CGI-bin... Do you need it or not? Email Features... How much is enough? Misc Features... What do they do? Support... Can you reach them when it counts? Referrals... What's in it for you? Our sale package... Click here to see what's included! Go ahead and order! Proof... How Good is the Service? Check out the last testimonial on this page, where you'll find PROOF that we're faster, and more reliable than the top 100 e-commerce sites as identified by PC Magazine! Space... The "Unlimited" Trap. When shopping for a web hosting company, keep in mind that many companies offer MUCH less space than what's in our packages, and call it "unlimited." In making this claim, the company will cover themselves with some tiny, well hidden fine print (look real close!), or simply rely on their customers not using all of what they are paying for. When the customer doesn't use all of what they pay for, they can use that space to cover another customer who is using more than what they thought they might. One of the problems with this technique is, they have to cheat all the customers that don't use more space than they expected, to support those who do. What do we mean by "cheat"? Read the fine print closely with the "Unlimited" packages. You'll almost always discover that you won't be allowed to to resell, or even give away "YOUR" web space. In other words, should you decide to make your best friend a web site, or let them use your space to build it in a subdirectory ... that's just tough... it is prohibited by their well hidden fine print. The explanation usually is because people would abuse the "Unlimited" space these companies generously give you. To a certaint extent this is true ... BUT, what effectively happens, is "YOUR SPACE" is limited to exactly what you need for your site. Note: Some companies will even go as far as deleting your files, and pictures, if they are not linked to a page in your site! A few hosting companies take it a step further. It's not enough to limit you to exactly what you need, but they'll limit you to whatever THEY happen to need to run their servers smoothly! So when you need more space, instead of moving some domains to a less crowded server to accommodate you, they restrict YOUR "UNLIMITED" space and bandwidth so that they can pack more accounts on the same server and make more money! Here is an example of the above principle at work. This is a direct quote from another host's web site: *The unlimited traffic and disk storage policy has been established for the ease of use and enjoyment of all our customers. We reserve the right to limit your disk usage and/or traffic if your site is negatively affecting the performance of our other customers. Limit it to what??? EXACTLY how much?? They don't say ... pretty much leaves how much space and traffic you can use for your site up to the hosting company. Apparently, it sounds good for them to say "NO LIMITS!" in their ads, and they probably fool a lot of people who don't read the fine print. With allwebco, not only do you know EXACTLY how much space and bandwidth you have, but YOUR space is YOURS! We don't care if you back-up your hard drive on it! You paid for it, and it's yours, period! With options such as extra telnet/ftp/pop accounts, your customers/friends can have their own password, to edit their sites. Sure, we could say "unlimited" because the odds are, you'll never use all the space that comes with your package. Our philosphy is simple ... top-notch customer service means being up front, and honest with customers. You should always know exactly what you are getting, with no hidden charges. We don't want to cheat, or overcharge "the little guy", just on the off chance that another customer might actually use more space than we thought they would. It's just plain dishonest, and that's bad business! In reality, space itself does not make the package. Even if hosting companies could offer you unlimited space (yes, it's a physical impossibility, but let's pretend), you're still just getting a huge shell of a "vehicle". What's important, is what comes with it! Just as a huge roomy bus with no engine, no air-conditioning, no power steering or brakes, would be horribly un-fun, and difficult to drive... so it is with a web site with lots of space and no features. Click here to see what's included in our sale package! Traffic... They Said it was "unlimited"! Just as "unlimited space" is a physical impossibility, so is "unlimited transfer". Beware of companies that offer this as a feature, as there is always some type of fine print that releases them from actually giving you "unlimited traffic". One common stipulation, is to offer you "unlimited traffic" with a little link to the fine print of: "If you use more than 20% (or even 10%) of system resources, you don't qualify for 'unlimited traffic'. " Bottom Line: if you are limited to a percentage of system resources (or limited to anything else for that matter) then it's nothing short of a lie to represent a hosting package as having "unlimited" traffic! There are other stipulations, and deceitful methods that many companies use to give you the illusion of unlimited traffic, and once you sign a contract for a year, you can't even back out of it, and find a respectable hosting company. Click here to see what's included in our sale package! Cgi-bin... Do you need it or not? It's important that you understand when you buy web space, exactly what is offered in any given package. This means understanding each feature, so that you'll know if you want or need it, that is available to you. Just because you may not know how to write your own cgi-script, doesn't mean that you won't be able to install a script that you get elsewhere! For example: If you know you're going to want a guestbook, then select a hosting package that either comes with a guestbook, OR gives you your own cgi-bin, so that you can either get your own guestbook script to run, or write your own. We provide you with both...already set up! Why? Because if you want a guestbook, but don't know how to write your own, you'll have it. Having your own cgi-bin is extremely important, because cgi-scripts are used in so many ways to do so many things. Almost anything interactive on a web site is done with cgi-scripts. With your own cgi-bin (not just access to a community one) you have the option of using scripts that are needed to run your site. There are many free versions of just about any script you can imagine all over the net. With our packages you can either use the ones we provide or install your own. Here are a few examples of some scripts: Guestbooks Site searches Forms (to email the webmaster, etc) Counters Bulletin boards Shopping carts Rotating banner ads Site traffic statistics programs Random text displayer Free for all link pages Electronic postcards MUCH MUCH MORE! Even the footers (links, logo, and copyright) on all of our pages are put there by a script (using server side includes, or ssi, which we also provide free support for). If we want to add another link there, we change the text in ONE file, and ALL of our pages are updated at once. As you can see, cgi-scripts play a lead role in website interactivity! This is why we feel it is SO important to have your own cgi-bin. Most "Unlimited" hosts don't even give you complete access to a cgi-bin (let you put your own scripts in) and others still will let you put your own scripts in, but only after they "approve" it (they'll charge you $75.00 PER HOUR to "look over" your script before approving it) We don't require that you have your scripts pre-approved. In fact, with allwebco, you get your OWN cgi-bin! Don't settle for having "access" to a hand-full of scripts that some hosting company piled there for everyone to use. Even if you know nothing about cgi-scripts, with a little reading, and some practice, most scripts that you find (for free) are easily implemented into your web site. Click here to see what's included in our sale package! Email Features... How much is enough? 100 - 500 - Unlimited POP acounts!! Wow ... such a deal!! Now think about it (And read the fine print on sites that offer unlimited POP accounts) - How many POP email boxes do you really need. You probably already have one with your dial-up provider - maybe a few free web-based accounts as well. Unless you're running a site for an extremely large company, chances are you'll never need more than 10 to 15 POP email accounts for your site since you can use aliases/catch-all features for most instances. Many companies advertise "Unlimited Pop accounts" because it makes their packages seem bigger, and probably 95% of all of their accounts never use more than about five of them anyway. With allwebco, your account is setup to receive all emails sent to anything@yourdomain.com in the main pop email box of your account, which by default is yourdomain@yourdomain.com You do not have to edit anything to accomplish this, but of course you can change it if you like. The difference between a pop account and an email alias, is that a pop account has its own login and password. Think of a pop account like a virtual email box, while an alias simply forwards to somewhere else. As described above, any alias not specifically told to forward elsewhere is automatically forwarded to the main pop account of yourdomain@yourdomain.com If you do need more pop accounts - we can of course provide them, however most email needs can be handled through the alias and forwarding functions we provide. Be sure to check what other companies charge for autoresponders, email aliases, email forwarding, and mailing lists (usually 5.00/month each, IF they even offer them) when comparing prices (we say "other" companies because ours are free, and unlimited) Now hold on! ... you said unlimited was impossible?? True! Better use the number 500 or 1000 for email aliases, forwarding, autoresponders, and mailing lists. Even though any mail sent to whatever@yourdomain.com comes to you, without you having to change a thing, there's probably a limit to the number of combinations of keys and numbers on any given keyboard. These are extremely important features that many companies charge an arm and a leg for! If you had to pay 5.00 each for these features, and you only bought five of each, you'd pay $100.00 per month for these features alone.. that's not counting any web space, traffic, an email account, or anything else. In short, you're much better off not buying these features separately, because they add up quickly. If we charged only 5.00 each, and use a low number like 100 as a ceiling for "unlimited" (That's only 25 of each for email aliases, forwarders, autoresponders, and mailing lists) these features would cost $2,000 PER MONTH! Click here to see what's included in our sale package! Misc Features... What do they do? Secured Socket Layer Check to see what they charge for SSL access (if you ever decide to accept credit cards on your site, you'll HAVE to have it). Here's one "unlimited" hosting company's quote: "$449 One time setup fee, and $20 monthly fee The secure server setup includes the purchase of a $349 Digital ID from Verisign." At allwebco, we don't try to sell you your own certificate from Verisign, because there's no reason why you can't just use ours, and save your money! We give you FREE Access to our site certificate, and SSL encryption. There's no charge to set it up, and no charge to use it, no matter how much you use it! MSQL2 Support Useful for creating and maintaining databases on your site. allwebco provides this feature at no cost to you. You simply set it up through the control panel. We allow 4 databases per account. Server Side Includes Used for many purposes, such as site-wide traffic counters, banner rotation programs, and much more! (see the cgi-section for another example) allwebco provides this feature at no cost to you. Microsoft Front Page Extensions An extremely popular program written for web page design, for people who don't know how to program the code to make web pages, and professionals alike. allwebco provides support for this program at no cost to you. We will set up your account to be compatible with Front Page extensions at your request. Click here to see what's included in our sale package! Support... Can you reach them when it counts? Almost all web hosting companies offer some form of support. The important questions to ask are: How qualified are the people in support? How do I contact support? How long does it take support to answer my question by email? What if I can't send email to support? Is there a phone number I can call? If support is "free" why should I have to pay long distance charges to contact them by phone? All of our support technicians are highly trained, and experienced in every aspect of our web hosting services. You can rest assured that they are more than qualified to handle support for your account and actually enjoy helping you. Our staff is usually able to answer questions through our support desk or e-mail in 12 hours or less, many times getting you the information you need in just minutes! In fact, if you haven't heard from us in 24 hours, we want you to contact us and let us know about it! We'll make it a priority! We handle support requests through our support desk, e-mail, and fax. If for some reason you can't find what you need at our support desk, or can't get through with e-mail (e-mail down, keyboard problem, modem problem, what have you, allwebco does have a TOLL FREE 800 number that you can use to contact us for support! This is not a live service, but a reporting line. Click here to see what's included in our sale package! Referrals... What's in it for you? Once your web site is running, and especially if your hosting company lists you as a client, or lists your comments in a "testimonial" section, you will find that people will ask you what you think of the company that is hosting your site. They'll want to know what you think of the support you have, and if your company is all they claim to be. Most hosting companies don't offer referral incentives, but we believe that you should be rewarded for the time it takes you to answer email, or explain our services to a friend. That's why we give you a FREE month of service, for every referral you send us that signs up for our services! We believe that people are going to seek you out and ask questions regardless of whether or not we list you somewhere on our site. We believe our services are excellent enough that you will naturally be excited about telling your friends, and others who ask, all about us. We are confident that you will be happy enough with our services to recommend us to these people, if we reward you for it or not... It's just our way of saying "Thank You" If for ANY reason, you are not completely satisfied with our performance, we want to hear from you! Contact us and tell us what's wrong, and how we can make it right for you!
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